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Falling Ice and Snow: Common Spring Injuries

Falling Ice - Personal injury claim

Spring is here and as you know by all the flooding, the seasonal melt is messy, and in some instances, dangerous.  Every year, many people are struck by falling ice and as a result, are seriously injured.  As a business owner, it’s important that you take measures to avoid ice buildup on your roof. It’s […]

Tread Carefully this Winter – Avoid Slips and Falls

Slip and Fall Accidents & Personal Injury

Despite the freezing temperatures and shorter days, there’s no doubt that winter has a lot of great things to offer. However, getting outside to enjoy winter activities can be risky since most surfaces are covered in a treacherous layer of ice, slush, snow or a combination of all three. It’s easy overlook the obvious risk […]

How to Avoid a Winter Slip and Fall Accident

slip and fall accident standing on ice

Every year in Ontario, over 20,000 individuals report a slip and fall accident. Some of these accidents result in long-term bodily damage, and even permanent impairment. A winter slip and fall accident is avoidable with the proper precautions. Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather but we can take preventative measures. If you have a slip […]

Slip and Falls Injuries: Prevention and Next Steps

Slip and Falls Accidents

Countless slip and falls occur every day. Many of these are minor incidents, where the only injury to speak of is to the ego of the person who fell. However, such accidents can cause serious injury, often to such an extent as to cause permanent or long-term impairment. While it’s not possible to prevent every […]

Commercial Liability in Slip and Fall Injuries

Commercial liability with countless slips and falls happen every year. Occasionally, these incidents are not any particular person’s fault—rather, unavoidable accidents, products of poor timing. But in most cases, a slip and fall injury could have been prevented but wasn’t. This failure to prevent an accident is referred to as negligence. By law, the owner […]

Resolving a Slip and Fall Personal Injury Claim

Slip and Fall Personal Injury Claim

When you are making slip and fall claims, you’ll likely side with a lawyer who knows how the system works and who is ready to fight for your rights. But the onus doesn’t fall on your lawyer alone; your own actions, both immediately following the accident and during the course of the claims process, can […]