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Sports Injury: Can I Claim and Get Compensation?

Although preventive measures for sports injury are better than any remedy, unfortunately, accidents occur even in the safest environments. Are you prepared to deal with the matter legally, in the case of such an event? Immediately seeking out the best legal professionals is only possible when you are well-informed on the legal aspects of the […]

What Higher Car Insurance Rates Means For Ontarians

car insurance

As you know, drivers in the province of Ontario must have car insurance. Despite increases in premiums over the years, the benefits that insurance companies pay out are decreasing. Since 2010, insurance companies restrict most people to only $3,500 in rehabilitation coverage. Did you also know that Ontario is the only province in Canada with a $38,000 […]

Independent Medical Evaluation in Personal Injury Cases

independent medical evaluation in personal injury cases

Independent medical evaluation – or the opinion of a medical professional –  can make or break a personal injury case. This is only the secondary reason why you should seek medical attention following an accident or injury; the first priority is, of course, to be treated. But even beyond that, it’s still important to have […]

Car Accidents and Statutory Accident Benefits

Car Accidents and Statutory Accident Benefits

All auto insurance policies are not created equal. Depending on your insurance provider, the specific benefits package that you purchase, and the provisions of those benefits, you could be compensated very differently depending on the nature, circumstances, and liability of a car accident. A personal injury lawyer can help you make sure that you are […]

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

Negotiating with insurance companies

In a large portion of personal injury cases, the money paid out in damages comes from an insurance company—whether it is the plaintiff’s insurance provider, or the defendant’s, depends largely on the circumstances. One thing, however, is consistent: there will, inevitably, be a negotiation, especially if you want fair compensation. Personal injury and insurance lawyers […]

Resolving a Slip and Fall Personal Injury Claim

Slip and Fall Personal Injury Claim

When you are making slip and fall claims, you’ll likely side with a lawyer who knows how the system works and who is ready to fight for your rights. But the onus doesn’t fall on your lawyer alone; your own actions, both immediately following the accident and during the course of the claims process, can […]

Personal Injury Law Suit for Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses Insurance Claim Personal Injury

If you are injured as a direct result of someone else’s actions or negligence, a personal injury lawsuit may not be the first thing the springs to mind. This is Canada, after all, and every province has a program for its residents to receive free healthcare. Between this assumption, and the negative stigma surrounding lawsuits, […]

Car Accident Insurance Claim for Personal Injury

Car Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim

A car accident is something which no one wishes for, but which every motorist should be prepared for. This is why licensed drivers are required by law to have insurance. Beyond the capacity for a car accident to cause damage to personal and public property and injury to any or all parties involved, it can […]